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Integrate with Genesys Routing

Genesys Predictive Routing (GPR) provides two packages of subroutines that integrate into your Genesys routing environment. They perform the agent scoring and best-match selection functions, enabling you to fine-tune your routing to take advantage of the rich data on agents, customers, and interactions available to you in your environment.

  • To understanding routing interaction flows and how interactions are selected using GPR, see Routing Scenarios Using GPR.
  • The two subroutines options are the following:
    • URS Strategy Subroutines - for environments routing with Universal Routing Server (URS) and Interaction Routing Designer (IRD).
    • Composer Subroutines - for environments designing routing flows with Composer/Orchestration Server (ORS).

The Composer Subroutines extend the functionality of the URS Strategy Subroutines so that you can use Composer and ORS to manage your routing. However, they are a wrapper around the URS Strategy Subroutines, not an entirely separate set of subroutines. As a result, they require that you also install URS and IRD.

Additional Information

  • For a description of the Designer routing block for Predictive Routing and how to configure it, see Predictive Routing Block (Genesys Cloud users only).
  • If you would like to evaluate Genesys Predictive Routing for use with schedule-based routing (using Genesys Workforce Management), service-level routing, or business-objective routing, contact Genesys Professional Services for a review of your routing environment.
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