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Migrating Reports from 7.6.x to 8.x

This section describes a utility that renames report measures from the 7.6.x releases to the current release—in essence, migrating 7.6.x reports to an 8.x environment.

This utility does not pertain to GI2 release 8.1.3 or later.

Note that the GI2 8.1 release introduced a separate utility that migrates the aggregated data that is stored in a 7.6 Info Mart to your 8.1 Info Mart; if you choose to perform this data migration, you do not have to also migrate the reports. Refer to the Genesys Migration Guide for details about data migration.

The upgrade utility gathers the classes, measures, dimensions, details, and conditions that are found in any prior version of the GI2 reports and renames them to the corresponding object names that are used by the targeted universe (designated by the NEW_UNV parameter) enabling you to use the upgraded reports in a current environment.

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To migrate 7.6.x reports to an 8.x environment:

1. Prerequisites Before you use the upgrade utility, ensure that your deployment meets the following prerequisites:
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2. Preparing the Environment Before you run the Genesys-provided scripts that invoke the upgrade utility, you must number of environment variables:
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3. Running the Upgrade Utility You can run the upgrade utility by executing the gi2_upgrade_universe batch file or shell script or by issuing the following from the command line:
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After migration, Genesys recommends that you study the output results before you place the upgraded reports into production. If required by definition, the utility substitutes one BO object qualification for another. For example, the Interaction Subtype detail that belong to the Flow class in the GI2 7.6.2 release is mapped to the Interaction Subtype dimension in the GI2 8.x releases.

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