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Media-Neutral Measure Mapping

GI2 reports internal and outbound interactions (in addition to inbound interactions) across chat and e-mail media channels (in addition to the voice channel). In order for measures apply to media other than voice media, the GI2 language uses media-neutral object names instead of replicating like measures and assigning them media-identifying names.

You might be accustomed to viewing results that use voice-centric terminology, especially if your contact center monitors voice-only interactions. While Avg Engage Time, after consideration, is descriptive of the average length of an active telephone conversation, it does not resonate the same as the more widely known Avg Talk Time. [+] Mapping Media-Neutral Measures to Voice Terminology—this table facilitates this transition to media-neutral terminology by providing a mapping of industry-common terms to the names of GI2’s media-neutral measures. [+] Mapping of Genesys Info Mart Ixn States to GI2 Ixn States—this table illustrates how Genesys Info Mart prescribes some media-neutral states to interactions that differ slightly from how GI2 reflects interaction (ixn) states in the names of some measures.

This difference is most visible in data that is retrieved by the Agent Details Activity Report. For online media, for example, the report reports the state of an interaction as connected (Connect), whereas you might otherwise expect to see it classified as Engaged. Read more about Genesys Info Mart’s classification of interaction states in the Genesys Info Mart Microsoft SQL Server Reference Manual or Genesys Info Mart Oracle Reference Manual; they are described under the INTERACTION_RESOURCE_STATE table.

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