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This chapter provides a brief description of Genesys Administrator Extension and its architecture.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Genesys Administrator Extension

Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) is an application that provides advanced administrative capabilities to both technical and business users of Genesys contact centers. Currently, the following GAX core modules are supported:

Genesys Administrator Extension also supports plug-in resources from other Genesys products, such as Pulse and GVP Reporting. Refer to Plug-in Management for more information.

The following subsections describe some of the features of the GAX interface.

Tenant Filtering

GAX comprises a set of modules that are selected and viewed in a browser interface. Each of the modules enables you to filter the information that you view about the applications that you have configured and deployed in the Genesys environment.

In a multi-tenant environment, GAX enables you to filter your views by a single tenant or by multiple tenants. By default, when you log in the view is of your default tenant. You can use the tenant selector to change the view so that you can view by one or more tenants.

Filtering and Sorting Lists and Tables

All lists and tables in the GAX interface can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. Tables and lists can also be filtered by appropriate criteria, for example:

  • Tenant
  • Date
  • Date range
  • Name
  • Deployed by
  • Deployed date

Field Auto-completion

All fields in the GAX interface that have predefined values support auto-completion. When you start to enter a value in the field, GAX searches for an existing value in the database and completes the entry. You can override auto-completion by continuing to enter the value. You can accept the auto-completion value by pressing Enter.


GAX supports the installation of multiple language packs for the user interface. You can choose to configure one default language across all GAX instances, while each user can select a different language. Default and user-specific language selection is done in the Profile menu. See Profile Menu in GAX Help for more information.

You can install language packs by using the plug-in installation procedure. See Installing Plug-ins with the Software Installation Wizard for more information, or refer to the Help pages by clicking the Help button in GAX (also available here).

Product translation is limited to contents of this product only. Display data coming from other products might appear in English.

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