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Configuring the Auditing Feature

The auditing feature writes data to Message Server about activities in Operational Parameter Management and Solution Definitions, and Message Server writes the data to the Genesys Log database. Auditing data is made available to the GAX user by selecting the History option in the Related menu in the panel of certain items in the GAX user interface. The auditing feature reads the information from the Log database and enables you to view the change history of objects such as Parameter Groups.

GAX Application

Enable auditing by setting the value of the auditing option in the general section of the GAX Server application to true.

Message Server

In the Message Server object, set the db_storage option in the messages section to the value true.

If the db_storage option is not set to true, Message Server does not save the audit data to its database.

Database Configuration

To read the audit data from the Log Database, a DAP (Database Access Point) must be configured and connected to the GAX Server Application object. Configure the DAP in the same way that DAPs were configured for the GAX database. To identify the DAP role, set the value of the role option in the GAX section of the DAP to auditing.

You can now view auditing information in certain panels by clicking the Related button and selecting the History option.

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