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Genesys Administrator Extension is deployed as a set of plug-ins into the GAX Core. This enables you to deploy only the functionality that you require, or to restrict the availability of certain functionality to users.


GAX is based on a hierarchical dependency system. The gax-core plug-in depends on the gax-common plug-in. The gax-plugin-api plug-in depends on the gax-core and gax-common plug-ins. All other GAX plug-ins depend on the gax-plugin-api and gax-common plug-ins.

The gax-common plug-in contains classes, such as error codes, exceptions, static utility classes, and interfaces, that are shared by both the gax-core and gax-plugin-api plug-ins. Most auditing related interfaces and objects are contained in the gax-common plug-in.

The gax-core plug-in manages all system-wide resources; therefore, all connections, threads, and stateful classes are contained in the gax-core plug-in.

The gax-plugin-api plug-in contains GAX functionalities that are used by other plug-ins. This plug-in contains generic configuration APIs, the base class of web access controller (BaseController), and other utility classes.

The gax-webservice plug-in contains all core web service interfaces that might be used in GAX.

If a plug-in contains configuration options, you must have write permissions on the GAX Application object for SYSTEM.
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