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Coordinating Simultaneous Changes to Data

Genesys Administrator is a web-based application, and so can support many users using it at the same time. To prevent users working on the same configuration object from overwriting the other's changes, GAX provides a real-time web notification service.

This feature is currently supported only in the Configuration Manager view.

With this feature, the first user to save their changes can do so, and a warning message is immediately sent to all other users modifying the same configuration object. Those other users can only refresh the page, which loses all of their changes, or view the object with their own changes. In the latter case, though, the users cannot save or apply the changes—they must transfer them to an updated copy of the object or save them to an external file for import later. Regardless of what option they choose, the users are unable to overwrite each other's changes when modifying the same object at the same time.

To enable this feature, set the gax.properties parameter enable_web_notification to true before restarting GAX.

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