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Database Size Requirements

To help you plan to manage your space requirements for audio resources, this section provides information about space allocation for a 100-tenant system with an average of 100 announcement files per segment, including personalities.

Original Audio Resource Files

The space required for the original audio resource files that are uploaded by tenants can be calculated as:

Original Files Storage Requirements = <# of tenants> x <avg # of announcement files> x <avg file size>

For example, if you have 100 tenants with 100 audio files of an average size of 3 MB you would have to calculate 30 GB of space for just the original audio files:

Original Files Storage Requirements =

100 x 100 x 3 MB =

30,000 MB = 30 GB

Processed Audio Resource Files

The original files are stored both in the database and on the disk (unless database storage is turned off by using the configuration options). The processed files are located only on the disk. Therefore, the raw storage that is required on the disk can be calculated as:

Processed Files Storage Requirements = ((<# of tenants> x <# of announcement files> x <avg file size>) / <compression factor>) x (<# of conversion formats>)

In the example with 100 tenants, the requirement for Processed files is also 30 GB:

Processed Files Storage Requirements =

((100 x 100 x 3 MB) / 3) x (3) =

30,000 MB = 30 GB

Reserved Space

For the database, which holds only the original files, additional space should be reserved to allow for short time peaks and better database performance. Genesys recommends that 50% (1.5 times) of additional space should be reserved for this purpose and minimum of 5 GB is to be maintained for both database and disk.

Database Size Requirements = <Original Files Storage Requirements> x <reserve percentage>

In this example, the suggested database space requirement is:

Database Size Requirements =

30 GB x 1.5 = 45 GB

Your disk space requirement should also include reserved space to prevent degraded performance, which can occur if drives become too full.

Genesys recommends that the reserved space allocation is 25% (1.25) of the actual raw requirements:

Disk Size Requirements = (<Original Files Storage Requirements> + <Processed Files Storage Requirements>) x <reserve percentage>

Therefore, in total, for the original files, the converted files, and reserved space, 75 GB are required:

Disk Size Requirements =

(30 GB + 3 0 GB) x 1.25 = 75 GB

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