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Managing Plug-ins

The Plug-in Management screen displays all installed plug-ins in your GAX environment. To access the screen, navigate to Administration > Plug-in Management.

You can click the name of a plug-in to view additional details, such as which server hosts the plug-in. Click Plug-ins to display more information, which displays in a new panel to the right:

  • Name—The name of the plug-in
  • Version—The version number of the plug-in.
  • Language—The language used by the interface of the plug-in
  • Provider—The name of the user or company that provided the plug-in
  • State—This field can be set to Enabled or Disabled, depending on the status of the plug-in. See Enabling or disabling a plug-in in GAX for more information.

The following actions can be performed in the Plug-in Management area:

Installing Plug-ins with the Software Installation Wizard


[+] Click here to show procedure

Installing Legacy Plug-ins

[+] Click here to show procedure

Installing Language Packs

[+] Click here to show procedure

Modifying plug-in settings

[+] Click here to show procedure

Enabling or disabling a plug-in in GAX

  • It is not possible to disable the gax-core plug-in.
  • The option to enable or disable a plug-in is available only for the application or node to which the user is currently connected. Other GAX applications or nodes will provide a link to manually log in to that instance.

[+] Click to show procedure

Removing a plug-in from GAX

[+] Click to show procedure

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