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Including Additional JKS Parameters for SSO

If you want to use additional JKS parameters for SSO, follow the below procedure.



  1. Create a backup of gax.properties file (gax_bkp.properties).
  2. Empty the gax.properties file.
  3. Start GAX. Access GAX in the same machine where it is installed using the url: http://localhost:8080/gax/
  4. Log in as a root user. Password is not required for this login.
  5. Important
    Do not close the browser tab until all the parameters are added.
  6. Access http://localhost:8080/gax/api/system/generategaxkey in another browser tab. This creates the gax_store.txt file in the conf folder.
  7. Access the below APIs to add encrypted parameters in the gax.properties file:
  8. Add the existing parameters from the backup file gax_bkp.properties to gax.properties file and save it.
  9. Now, follow the steps provided in the Enabling SSO section to enable the SSO feature.
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