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Solution Definitions

A solution definition is an XML file that describes what is being deployed, how the deployment is to be executed, as well as any necessary pre- and post-installation procedures.

The Hosted Provider Edition software CD includes four Service Package Definitions for use by Genesys Administrator Extension. They are for the basic deployment of four services: eServices, Inbound Voice, Outbound Voice, and Workforce Management. These files are located in the following folder: \service\asd\spdFiles\

This screen displays a list of all solution definition files for which you have the required role privileges to view. To refresh the list at any time, click Refresh. Click a solution definition in the list, and the Details panel is displayed to the right of the list. Actions that are available for each solution definition are applied from the Details panel.

You can filter the contents of this list in several ways:

  • Type the name or partial name of an object in the Quick Filter field.
  • Click Tenant Filter to open the Tenant Filter panel. In this panel, click the check box(es) beside the tenants that you want to select. Use the Quick Filter field in this panel to filter the tenant list.
  • You can sort the solution definitions in the list by clicking on a column head. Clicking a column head a second time reverses the sort order.

A solution definition file defines the Genesys component installation packages (IPs) that are required to provide the service, and how they are to be deployed and configured. The IPs that are deployed as part of the solution are the actual software that provide the solution. When you select a solution definition, a new panel is displayed to the right an displays additional information:

  • Name—The name of the solution definition.
  • Version—The version of the solution definition
  • Description—An optional description of the solution definition; this can be modified, as required.
  • Notes—An optional field for notes about the solution definition; this can be modified, as required.
  • Deployable—Indicates whether the solution definition can be deployed.
When you are creating a solution definition file, you must give it a unique name and version number. Genesys Administrator Extension will not allow you to import a solution definition if its name or version number is the same as an existing one. Likewise, if you modify a solution definition that is already uploaded, you must increment the version number.

The IP Availability area is where you verify that the IPs have been uploaded into the IP repository.

Before you start deploying a Solution Package by using Genesys Administrator Extension, make sure that you have performed the following tasks:

  • Install the latest version of Local Control Agent (LCA) on the target hosts. This also installs and configures the Genesys Deployment Agent on each host. Refer to the Framework Deployment Guide for instructions.
  • Install Java SDK on the target hosts to enable them to process the deployment instructions.
  • Upload the necessary IPs into the IP Repository.
Refer to the Genesys Administrator Extension Deployment Guide for a complete list of prerequisites required for Genesys Administrator Extension and Solution Deployment.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Create Solution Definitions
  • Modify Solution Definitions
  • Copy Solution Definitions to Tenants
  • Deploy Solution Definitions
  • Download Solution Definitions
  • Delete Solution Definitions
  • View the History of Solution Definitions

Create Solution Definitions

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Modify Solution Definitions

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Copy Solution Definitions to Tenants

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Deploy Solution Definitions

Deploying a solution installs and configures the solution at a local or remote location, as directed by the solution definition.

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Download Solution Definitions

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Delete Solution Definitions

When you delete a solution definition file, the solution definition file is not deleted from the database, nor are the IPs deleted from the IP repository.

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View the History of Solution Definitions

Solution packages might change over time. They might be upgraded (up-versioned) to include both minor and major changes in the solution definition. New solutions might be added, removed, or retired. Genesys Administrator Extension enables you to generate reports to track these changes.

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