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Bulk Provisioning of Configuration Options

To create or modify the configuration options for an option, you can upload a comma-separated value (CSV) file containing new and/or changed options and values. You enter or modify options and values in the appropriate columns object. When uploaded to GAX, the options listed in the file are created or modified, based on the action to be taken as indicated in the Action column.

You can also use GAX to download (or export) information for selected options. If you want, you can use this download to create a "template" for the data upload.

This import/export of configuration options functionality is available for all object types.

Exporting Options

GAX allows you to export selected options into a spreadsheet. You can modify the spreadsheet as required, save it as a .csv or .cfg file, and upload it back into GAX. Or, you can remove the data (but not the column headers) from it, and use this "empty" template for present and future uploads of configuration options.

To export options, do the following:

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Uploading a File

Before uploading bulk updates, you must enter the data into a spreadsheet and save it as a CSV file. Keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • If most of your updates are adding new options to the object, create an empty template and fill in the appropriate values.
  • If you are primarily making changes to existing options, export only the options that you are changing, and make the changes.

To upload the data into GAX, do the following:

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Source File

GAX uses .csv (comma separated value) and .cfg files for the import and export of configuration options. Both formats support only the import and export of string options. Other types of configuration options are ignored and not imported or exported. All strings in this file must be encoded in UTF-8.

The contents of the file relates to only one object.

In a CSV source file, each line represents a single configuration option. The same option can appear in the source file only once. If the configuration options section does not already exist in the object's configuration, it is created. The unique identifier of the option in the scope of the source file is the combination of the Section and Key fields. There are three columns in the file—one each for the configuration option section, the name of the option (Key), and the option value, named by the entries in the first row of the file—Section, Key, and Value. The order of the columns is not important. A comma is inserted after each column entry. The source file contains the following information for each option: [+] Show properties

In a CFG file, each section and option appears on a separate line, with section names in square brackets. Each section is followed by a list of options in that section, with the appropriate values, such as:



The following data is to be uploaded to GAX to add two new options for an existing User object:

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The CSV file for this would look like this:


Exported from GAX as a CFG file, the same information would look like this:

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