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eServices Manager Plug-in for GAX

The eServices Manager Plug-in gives you the tools to:

  • Respond to incoming interactions using pre-written Standard Responses.
  • Customize the Standard Responses using Field Codes to add a personal touch.
  • Create Screening Rules in order to screen interactions for specific words or phrases, which you can then use to decide how to handle the interaction.
Genesys Content Analyzer, which uses natural language processing to analyze incoming interactions and assign them to categories in a category tree, has its own interface.

Let's Get Started

If the eServices Manager Plug-in isn't yet installed,

  1. Upload a ZIP file that contains the installation package and its associated templates (typically provided by Genesys Customer Care; see Installing Plug-ins with the Software Installation Wizard).
  2. Proceed with the installation.
  • eServices Manager is designed to be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1280х1024, or a full HD resolution of 1920x1080.
  • For eServices Manager to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 you might have to adjust your browser settings. Ensure that the following Internet Explorer Security options are enabled:
    • Downloads/Font download
    • Scripting/Active scripting

Then start Genesys Administrator Extension and open the eServices Manager Plug-in:

eServices Manager: Opening View

What Next?

  • Working with Standard Responses explains how to create and edit Standard Responses and how to create the category tree structure you will use to organize your Standard Responses, Field Codes, and Screening Rules.
  • How to create and edit Field Codes, which enable you to insert personal information, such as names, into your Standard Responses.
  • Working with Screening Rules explains how to create and edit Screening Rules, which enable you to analyse what incoming messages are about and to handle them accordingly.
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