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Legal Notices

[+] Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Product Alerts

Due to Apple API changes, customers who are upgrading from eServices Manager 8.5.302.02 or earlier and have existing Apple Pay structured messages must resave these messages using eServices Manager 8.5.304.10 or later to ensure they are compatible with the latest Apple release.

New in Knowledge Management 8.5.x Releases

[+] New in Release 8.5.3
[+] New in Release 8.5.2
[+] New in Release 8.5.1
[+] New in Release 8.5.0

eServices Digital Administration

eServices Digital Administration is part of the PureEngage Digital (eServices) platform.

It includes the following components:

  • Content Analyzer Plug-in for GAX—A user interface for managing the configuration of Content Analyzer, which analyzes interaction content to help classify it and improve routing.
  • eServices Manager Plug-in for GAX—A user interface for managing the configuration of various aspects of eServices functionality.
  • Privacy Manager Plug-in for GAX—A user interface for creating and testing the regular expressions that identify sensitive data that may need to be masked or otherwise managed.
  • Classification Server—Executes screening rules to classify incoming interactions. If Content Analyzer is enabled, Classification Server can execute natural-language processing to classify incoming interactions.
  • Training Server—Executes training schedules to maintain and update natural-language process classifications.

What's New

Product Alerts

Release Notes


eServices Manager Plug-in for GAX

Use eServices Manager to access the functionality of Genesys Knowledge Management.

Content Analyzer Plug-in for GAX

Use natural language processing technology to classify incoming interactions.

Privacy Manager Plug-in for GAX

Information on deploying and using Privacy Manager to manage sensitive data.

Configuration Options

Find the latest information on configuration options for selected eServices components:

More Release Information

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