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Callback Solution Guide

Welcome to the Callback Solution Guide! You can use this guide as a starting point to configure Callback services.

Find information to help plan Callback

Find instructions to configure Callback

Once you have set up the Prerequisites, find procedures to configure Genesys Callback.

Provision your Callback Services

Find procedures to create and configure the Callback services required to implement scenarios.

Provisioning should be performed through the GMS Service Management UI. Read the complete help here.

Learn about scenarios

Find more details about the available scenarios and Service Configuration

Learn about options

Learn about Callback and Service APIs

Once your Callback Service is ready, you can start implementing your application.

APIs related to Callback Services, builtin services, and ORS scenarios are detailed in GMS API References.

For custom samples, see:

  • ClassicCallbackSample illustrates how to implement an IVR (Genesys Voice Platform VoiceXML) application that communicates with GMS and performs classic Callback scenarios.
  • Custom Callback Sample implements an On-Dial plugin to interface with the GMS Callback service. Developers should use this sample as a reference to build a Composer application that is invoked as a plugin from GMS Callback.

The Service Management UI also includes a Sample panel to test your Callback Services.

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