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Section: General
Default Value: 0
Valid Values: integer
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Maximum time to wait for call events (interaction.partystatechanged) related to the transfer of the call to the agent. If a transfer confirming or failing event is not received within this period, the transfer is assumed to have succeeded. Set this option value to zero to disable the timer. This timer should be enabled in rare conditions where the switch does not send confirmation events after the call redirection to an agent.

This is an advanced parameter. To modify the value of an advanced parameter, you must enable Advanced Parameters in the Service Management UI.

This option is mandatory.

Configure Agent Reject

To ensure that agents will be able to reject callbacks, Genesys recommends to configure the following values by using the Genesys Administrator Extension to edit your configuration.

  1. In your T-Server application:
  2. In the gts section of your ORS application:
  3. In the General section of your Callback service:
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