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Callback is deployed on top of the Genesys Mobile Engagement Platform that allows mobile and other applications, for example, IVR and Web, to connect and use Genesys Callback. The Callback complexity of integrating Callback with the contact center is hidden and embedded through simple REST APIs that are:

  • Optimized for the Mobile and Internet Data network
  • Easily deployed in existing customer network infrastructures



The main components for Callback are:

  • Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) – This component controls and exposes the Genesys API functionality to external applications by REST APIs, and provides critical callback services (for example, callback management). GMS provides a user interface to manage the provisioning and deployment of callback services. This same user interface also provides basic callback service monitoring capability.
  • Orchestration Server (ORS) – This component provides various callback communication processes, callback inbound treatments, and matching services.
  • Genesys Voice Platform - This component provides custom treatments through SCXML or VoiceXML plugins as configurable options for the Callback Service template. If you don't need IVR, you can replace it with a Media Server.
  • SIP Server - This component provides play treatments, Call Progress Detection (CPD), and outbound call management.
  • Universal Routing Server – This component routes interactions.

Also consider reading the Universal Routing Voice Call Back White Paper that details two types of Voice Call Back (VCB) solutions managed by Universal Routing Server (URS):

  • Pre-emptive Agent Reservation
  • Dialing Notifications

Key Advantages

  • A multi-channel, integrated solution that provides customer service access to context, such as customer profile, history, and location
  • Tightly integrated with Genesys routing and does not disrupt queuing
  • Optimized REST and Ajax Push interfaces for mobile, web, and IVR
  • Flexible connection for adding callback anywhere in the interaction:  click-to-connect voice, push notification, chat, delayed or immediate
  • Native Estimated Wait Time, based on URS/Stats Server

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