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This troubleshooting page lists basic information to help you fix some common issues on Genesys Callback. If you do not find the answer to your issue, please refer to the latest known issues from GMS Release Note.

A callback that was answered is blocked in queued or processing status

In this scenario, the update query for this callback has failed. This means that you should update the DFM files to ensure correct callback processing.

URS replies with errorresponse 404

URS could not find the subroutine that was started by the original WaitForTarget strategy with the callback start request.

13:25:56.750_R_I_ [19:10] routing interface request received: 
urs/call/011b02924f228001/invoke, client=34(ORS_RTP_Node1_PR), ref=773
13:25:56.750_R_I_ [19:12] routing interface errorresponse '404' sent to 
client=34(ORS_RTP_Node1_PR), ref=773

To solve this issue, compile both the strategy and subroutine as described here.

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