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New In This Release

This section contains a brief description of new features in Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) 8.1.x releases.

New in 8.1.2

Effective Date for Contracts

Users can specify an effective start date for a Contract and assign agents to the contract accordingly. The agent can have multiple assigned Contracts, but each one must have a different effective date. [+]

Effective Date for Rotating Patterns

Users can specify an effective start date for a Rotating Pattern, which is the date that the Rotating Pattern becomes effective for the agent. The agent can have multiple assigned Rotating Patterns, but each one must have a different effective date. [+]

Effective Date for Activities

Users can specify an effective date for activities, which is the start date that the agent becomes eligible to work on the activity. [+]

Automated Time Off Carry Over

Users can set the calculation of Time Off Carry-Over to occur automatically. [+]

View Web Agent Schedule on Mobile Devices

Agents can log in to WFM Web and view their schedule on their iPhone 4, iOS 5 mobile device. [+]

Contact Center Performance Report Enhancement

Users can now view forecast-related data in the Contact Center Performance Report and Contact Center Performance Graph Report. [+]

Forecast Splitting by Using Percentages

Users can specify a percentage to allocate volumes from a multi-site activity to each Child (site) activity or apply a template. The interval can be the entire forecast scenario, weekday, or timestep. [+]

Forecast Staffing Totals Displayed in FTE or Man Hours

Forecast staffing totals are now displayed in the WFM interface and reports as Forecast Total Equivalent (FTE) or man hours and are editable in both modes (in views in which totals are editable). [+]

MSA Button Always On

Users can now set the Use Multi-Site Activities button to On in any view and it will be set to On in all views, in which this button is available.[+]

System Security: Last Log In Timestamp

To improve on system security, an enhancement enables the timestamp information from the previous login to display in the GUI the next time a user logs in to WFM Web through the Supervisor, Agent, or Agent Mobile interfaces, alerting users of any unauthorized use of their login credentials. [+]

New WFM Splash Screen

A new splash screen displays when WFM Web is loading the Log In GUI.

Page Limit for Reports

Two new options, PageLimit and PageLimitForCSV can be used to limit the size of generated reports, controlling the maximum number of pages a report can contain and improving performance.

Objects and Functionality Moved

Some modules, configuration objects, and functionality that were previously in WFM Configuration Utility have been moved to WFM Web. [+]

Localization Kits Include Context Information

WFM Localization kits now include context information for resources displayed in the product that will be translated. [+]

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New in 8.1.1

Automated Shrinkage Forecasting

Users can evaluate scheduled shrinkages (overheads) against forecasted shrinkages and can create Overhead Forecast templates from the scheduled overhead data. See more.. [+]

Selective Historical Forecasting

Users can specify unique, multiple periods of historical data during the forecast build process to create forecasts that reflect seasonality. This ensures that staffing needs are adequately met. [+]

Schedule Audit and Rollback

WFM tracks which parameters were changed in a schedule, and provide an option to go back to a previous schedule (before the change was made).[+]

Schedules Display With Time Zone Adjustments

Intra-day Schedule View displays time zone offsets in schedules.[+]

Automated Time Off Wait List

WFM can automatically grant Time Off to requestors on the wait-list (based on their position in the queue) and can automatically insert valid Time Off Requests into the Master Schedule. Additionally, agents can now see their own position in the queue.[+]

Exception Management

Users can select a specified item (such as an Exception) and find all items like it for a selected agent or agents—and then make a bulk edit or change.[+]

Microsoft SQL Database Replication

WFM now supports peer-to-peer transactional replication of all database tables between all locations, which provides MS SQL database users with an alternative to deploying terminal services when the server is not located near the database.[+]

Miscellaneous Modifications

  • You can click the Current Whole Day (Today) button to display data for the current day in the Master Schedule Intra-Day view. [+]
  • Government agencies and other corporations can now comply with Handicap Accessibility Regulations. Accessibility for the blind, color blind, and users of limited mobility was improved to the WFM Web for Supervisors module. [+]
  • Employee ID was added to these reports: Schedule States, Individual Schedule, and Weekly Schedule. [+]
  • Platform support changes are detailed in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Manual. Below is a summary:
    • Discontinued OS support: IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2, 32- and 64-bit versions.
    • Added support of web browser Microsoft IE9.
    • Terminal servers WFM DB and Config Utilities added support for Citrix XenApp version 6 (Platinum Edition).
    • WFM Web Server support limited to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, version 6 and IBM WebSphere Application Server, version 8.

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New in 8.1

Shared Transport

WFM now supports the ability to group agents who share transportation (such as carpools or service buses) by building schedules that allow these agents to start and leave at the same time. Agents Supervisors, and Administrators can create new shared transportation groups as well as joining or removing existing ones. Supervisors and Administrators can also switch the scheduling of these groups on and off during the schedule build process. See more.. [+]

Simultaneous Scheduling of Deferred Work Activities

The forecasting algorithm for deferred work activities is enhanced so users can optimize the way that Deferred Activities are processed at an interval level, without impacting service levels for Immediate Activities. This facilitates the user's ability to address unplanned staffing variances and make better use of the available resources.[+]

E-mail Notifications Enhancements

WFM now provides a security option that controls which WFM Web Supervisor receives e-mail notifications regarding an Agent's Time Off balance. These notifications will be sent when a Time Off change is made in the calendar or schedule.[+]

Build Schedule Scenarios based on Forecast Scenarios

Now you can build a “test” schedule based on a forecast scenario. [+]

Working Rules/Scheduling Constraints

It is now possible to define in the Contract the maximum amount of Sundays that can be worked at a given site. Users can select both the Minimum Duration Between the Start Times of Two Consecutive Working Days and the Minimum Duration Between the End of One Day and Start of Next Working Day. [+]

Print Schedule Without Relying on the Browser

Agents can print a schedule without relying on the print functionality of their browsers. [+]

Estimate Time Off Limits Wizard

Time Off Limits will now take into account the total number of agents that may take time off, along with the start/end of contract availability, the earliest stat/end times of shifts assigned to the contract (including week days) and Activity open hours for which the agent is skilled to work. These constraints optionally include Rotating Patterns and Granted Calendar items. [+]


Enhancements to the WFM Web Agent and Supervisor interfaces allow corporations to comply with Handicap Accessibility regulations. These include not using color to display statuses, tabulation enhancements to provide focus to a visible control point, the ability to skip navigation links when using a screen reader, allowing agents to change the visual representation of the OS, and ensuring that all frames have titles.

Operating Systems Supported

  • IBM AIX, 64-bit, version 7.1
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, x64
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, x64
  • Microsoft Windows 7, x32 and x64
  • Support discontinued for Microsoft Windows Server 2000, x32

Databases Supported

  • DB2 9.7
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

System Platforms Supported

  • Native support of 64-bit executables on MS Windows 2008 R2 for WFM Server, Builder, Daemon, Data Aggregator
  • VSphere 4 Hypervisor virtual platform

System Protocols

  • Protocol IP v6 supported for WFM Server, Builder, Daemon, Data Aggregator, Database Utility, Configuration Utility, and Web.

System Security(Radius meta-message display)

Application end users can now see any meta-text that is associated with successful authentication attempts to a Radius server. Supported for Database Utility, Configuration Utility, and Web.

System. Secure Data Storage

  • Encryption support for data stored in Oracle 11g or MS SQL Server 2008.

Secure Connections

  • Secure communications (SSL/TLS) between all WFM components, and between WFM and Genesys components. Supported for WFM Server, Builder, Daemon, DA, DBU, CU, and Web.

For a complete list of all databases and operating systems supported by Genesys, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Manual.

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