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This topic explains the interconnections among the various components of Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) and how WFM interacts with the Genesys Framework. It includes the information about WFM components, data flow, and the Genesys Framework servers to which WFM connects.

Workforce Management (WFM) functionality is provided via four graphical user interface (GUI) applications and four servers. See Figure 1 for a layout of all the components and their connections.


The user-facing applications are:

  • WFM Web for Supervisors (browser-based)
  • WFM Web for Agents (browser-based)
  • WFM Configuration Utility (client application)
  • WFM Database Utility (client application)


These applications are supported by these servers:

  • WFM Server
  • WFM Data Aggregator
  • WFM Builder
  • WFM Web
  • WFM Daemon (server/background process)

In addition, you need to use a web server as a container for the WFM Web server. Genesys WFM supports Tomcat and WebSphere. WFM does not include Tomcat in its installation package. You must obtain and install it separately.

For supported versions of WebSphere and Tomcat, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.

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