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Product Ideas Lab

Submitting an Idea for a new feature

Genesys encourages your ideas for new product features! Select the appropriate topic tab to learn more.

To submit an Idea for a new product feature, login to Genesys Knowledge Network.

Next, click on It looks like you own, Genesys Engage. Then, click on the Create an Idea button in the “Product Ideas Lab” widget to access Product Ideas homepage. From the homepage, click on Add a Product Idea.

Remember to please provide as many details as you can.

Idea Submission Statuses Defined

Community Review

Upon creation, the status of the Idea will be set to “Community Review." This is where the magic happens... you tell us what you want us to build:

  • You and other customers in the Community will start the conversation by voting and commenting on all Ideas submitted.
  • Once an Idea has met the vote threshold, the Idea will be assigned to a Product Manager for review.

Under PM Review

The Community spoke, and we are listening! Product Management and the Engineering teams are reviewing the Idea thoroughly. Upon review completion, Product Management will update the Idea status within 30 business days to Accepted, Will Not Implement, Feature Already Exists or Currently Not Planned.


Great news! The Idea has been Accepted! Product Management will strategize a development plan with the Engineering teams to ensure the Idea is implemented in the next 12 months. Once that plan is finalized, the Idea status will update to In Development.

In Development

Let’s do this thing! The development strategy and plan has been completed. We have a scheduled release and we are actively building out the Idea. The Idea will remain in this status until it has been Delivered however, we will be posting updates throughout the process.


Congratulations, the Idea is now part of the product!! Please read through the Admin Response for the Release Notes and other information on the implementation.

Will Not Implement

Thank you for participating in the innovation process at Genesys, however the Idea cannot be implemented within a reasonable amount of time or the Idea does not fit the current product roadmap. Product Management will provide additional details as an Admin Response.

Currently Not Planned

This IS a great Idea! However, Product Management does not have resources to dedicate to this effort. Product Management will review this Idea at a later date to see if we can fit in a future roadmap.

Feature Already Exists

We know our products can be complex at times. Product Management has identified this Idea as a feature that already exists. The Product Management team will attach documentation as an Admin Response in the Idea to help you utilize the current feature functionality.

Idea Escalation

For an escalation of an Idea that is in a status Under PM Review or Will Not Implement, please send the escalation request to Product Ideas Lab Help (IdeasLab.Help@genesys.com).

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