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Feature Requests

Note:The ability to submit Feature Requests in My Support will be turned off Sept. 15th, 2018 however, the historical data will remain. After that date you will need to submit your request through our new Product Ideas Lab. The Product Ideas Lab is a crowdsourcing platform that allows customers to create, comment and vote on new ideas. To access the Product Ideas Lab visit https://pureengage.ideas.aha.io/ideas.

Submitting a Feature Request (FR)

Genesys welcomes your ideas for new product features. Select the appropriate topic tab to learn more.

REMINDER: Please note that you must be a Designated Contact to open a Feature Request.

To submit a request for a new feature, please select the Feature Request tile from My Support Home.

Select the Product Category and Product; then complete the rest of the fields. Remember to please provide as many details as you can.

To check the status and manage your Feature Requests, select the View and Manage Feature Requests located behind Feature Requests located on My Support dashboard.

Customer Care Evaluation

Upon creation, the status of the Feature Request (FR) Case will be set to “Open – Customer Care." When Customer Care receives your FR, they will perform an initial evaluation:

  • If the feature already exists in your current version or in a more recent existing version, you will be given a link to the documentation for the version that provides the feature.
  • If Customer Care determines that the request can be solved by a configuration change, is the result of a user error, or is caused by a product defect, a new Case of type “Support” will be created and processed further using the normal Case Management process.
  • If Customer Care agrees it is a new feature, the FR will be assigned to the Product Management team for evaluation, at which time a Product Manager will be designated. The FR Status will change to “Open Product Management” and the Sub Status will change to “New” to reflect this transition.

Under Consideration

Product Management may take up to fifteen (15) business days to evaluate the Feature Request (FR) with Engineering to determine if it fits the product roadmap and could potentially be included in a future release. During this time, the FR Sub Status will be set to “Under Consideration” or "Info Required from Customer." The Product Manager will use the Case Feed within the FR or email to ask questions or provide you with updates. The Customer contact specified in the FR Case will receive an email notification whenever there is a status change or public post in the Case Feed. The Customer contact may respond to the email or in the Case Feed.

After thoroughly reviewing the Feature Request and all related information, Genesys Product Management will decide to change the Sub Status to "Planned on Roadmap", or "Committed in Development" or status "Closed."

Planned on Roadmap / Committed in Development

The Product Manager will schedule the Feature Request (FR) based on corporate strategy, feature priority, product roadmap and schedule constraints.

When the Product Manager plans the feature for a future product release, the FR Sub Status moves to “Planned on Roadmap” and the Product Manager updates the Planned Release date field of the FR. The Product Manager then has 12 months to schedule the FR for development. FR's may be re-evaluated and closed during this time.

When the Planned Release date approaches and the scope is confirmed, the FR Sub Status changes to "Committed in Development". The Product Manager has 3 months to either "Implement" the FR or reschedule the Planned Release date.

You can communicate with the Product Manager by posting in the Case Feed against the FR or replying to an email. The Product Manager will also reply to your comments or ask questions in the Case Feed section of the FR or by sending an email. Once a scheduled FR is delivered, the Product Manager will update the FR Sub Status to "Closed / Implemented" and you will receive an email notification.

Feature Request Closed

Feature Requests (FRs) are closed when the Product Manager, in alignment with Engineering, has made a determination that the FR will not be implemented. The Sub Status associated with the Closed FRs are: "Will not implement", "Duplicate", "Canceled" (you have the option to cancel an FR at any time), and "Other Resolution."

When an FR is closed, it will be visible to you in My Support for one year after closure so that you can see the Case Feed post from the Product Manager that explains the reason for closure. You may reply to the "Closed / Will Not Implement" email from the Product Manager with questions after the FR is closed. However, under normal circumstances, the decision to not implement an FR is final.

Closed FR Sub Statuses are as follows:

  • If the FR is valid but cannot be implemented within a reasonable period of time or does not fit the product roadmap, the FR will be closed. You will receive an email stating that your FR status has changed to "Closed / Will Not Implement."
  • If the FR is determined to be a defect or a configuration issue, there is a work-around or there is existing functionality in the product, you will receive and email stating that your FR status has changed to "Closed / Other Resolution."
  • If the FR is valid and fits the product roadmap but will not be included in a current release, Product Management will include it in the queue for potential future implementation. The PM will then decide within twelve months to change the Sub Status to "Committed in Development" or "Will Not Implement". You will receive an email stating that your FR Sub Status has changed to "Closed /Planned on Roadmap."

Feature Request Escalation

If there is a need to escalate while the Feature Request (FR) is in Status "Open - Customer Care," use the regular Customer Care escalation process.

For an escalation while the FR is in Status "Open - Product Management" or "Closed," please send the escalation request to Product Management Operations (PM_Operations@genesys.com).

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