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The following checklist identifies tasks that you need to complete prior to opening a Case with Customer Care:

  • Appoint at least two Designated Contacts with the requisite Genesys Engage cloud Service training
  • Create a clear and accurate description of the issue
  • Document date and time of occurrence(s); frequency of occurrence; working hours and location of impacted User(s)
  • Check the built in Help sections within the Genesys applications
  • Check the applicable User Guide, the Support Guide and/or these Support Processes
  • Check the applicable Service Advisories posted at My Support
  • Be able to reproduce the problem (and document the steps you’ve taken)
  • Identify the business impact
  • Document the actions you have taken in attempting to solve the problem
  • If logs are applicable or available, please sanitize all logs that will be submitted to Customer Care
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