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schema-<name> Section

The schema-<name> section is used to define the schema for the dataset with the matching <name>. That is, the schema-mydataset section contains options describing the data schema to be used in the dataset configured in the dataset-mydataset section.

The options in the schema-<name> sections depend on the requirements for the specific dataset. Each option name is a dataset column name. The option values are the value for the field (which might be the joined schema from which the value is obtained), the datatype, and, if the field contains sensitive or PII data, the value anon.

Special Schema Names and Configuration

The following section names are reserved for the Agent Profile schema and Customer Profile schema, and cannot be used for any other purpose.

  • schema-agents-gim
  • schema-customers

See Configure Data Loader to Upload Data for the options required for each type of reserved schema configuration section.

No public options in this section.


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