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Prerequisites—Migration from 8.1.2 to 8.1.4

Before preparing for migration, it is important to note that persistence for all sessions, as well as session-to-server information, will be lost during migration.

To prevent this loss from being an issue, before shutting down the current 8.1.2 ORS deployment, all sessions should be allowed to end.

  • For voice, this means stopping calls from entering ORS managed route points.
  • For eServices, this means stopping multimedia interactions from entering ORS managed interaction queues.

When all voice and multimedia sessions have completed, the 8.1.2 environment may be stopped, and migration to 8.1.4 with a new Cassandra deployment may be completed. When upgrading an existing component, you should not create a new Application object. Instead, use the existing Application object, keeping the original name.

Upgrade Universal Routing Server to 8.1.4.

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