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Genesys Video Gateway Deployment Guide

This deployment guide can be used to install the Genesys Video Gateway (GVG) in your environment. It includes the following information:

  • Overview—describes GVG, its architecture, components, codec support, protocols, and media paths.
  • Installing and Deploying GVG—includes environment requirements, base preparation, core component installation, platform configuration, and Turn server installation.
  • Deployment Models—provides information on how GVG can be deployed in a production environment, taking into account a variety of typical deployment types.
  • Management Interface—describes the interface available with GVG, where you provision users, view reports, and so on.
  • Configuration Options Reference—descriptions of the parameters available for GVG.
  • Hardware Sizing—contains network and hardware sizing guidelines.
  • Troubleshooting—some common scenarios are described.

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