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Management Interface

Genesys Video Gateway includes a Management User Interface (MI), which can be accessed at:


The default admin username/password is: admin/admin777.

To change the administrator password, login to the Management Interface. From the left panel, click Change Password and enter the current password and the new password.

In the Management Interface, you can view, download, and export real-time call data. In addition to tabular output, graphing tools are available, and you can add additional reports on demand. Here is an example view of the MI, which shows Graphs.

Management Interface, Graphs View

The Management Interface is also where you can provision users on the system. Using the Portal Configuration, you can set parameters in the server tables without having to directly access the server at all. Customer service type functions can also take place in the MI. Permissions are role-based and regular forced password changes can be configured. Here is another example view of the MI, which shows Administrator Provisioning.

Management Interface, Administrator Provisioning View
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