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Interoperability Considerations

The Genesys Video Gateway can be used with several types of components, including Genesys servers and many of the leading industry-standard web browsers. This topic provides information on the supported components.

Interoperable Components

  • Google Chrome (desktop)
  • Mozilla Firefox (desktop)
  • Internet Explorer (desktop)
  • Apple Safari (desktop)
  • Opera (desktop)
  • Genesys SIP Server
  • Genesys Universal Routing Server (URS)
  • Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) Media Control Platform (MCP)
  • Genesys Interaction Workspace (IWS) SIP End Point
  • Third-party SIP soft-phones (Bria)

Tested Genesys Product Versions

The following table indicates which versions of the listed Genesys components are supported for use with Genesys Video Gateway.

Component 8.0 8.1 8.5
SIP Server Yes N/A
Workspace Desktop Edition Yes
Workspace SIP Endpoint Yes

Tested Endpoints

Web Endpoint Version
Chrome 42 and above
Firefox 31 ESR
Opera 29 and above
IE 11.x
Safari 8.x
SIP Endpoint Version
CounterPath Bria 4.1
Genesys SIP Endpoint SDK 8.5.1
Workspace SIP Endpoint 8.5.1

SIP Server Configuration

In the TServer section of your SIP Server application object:
  • sip-hold-rfc3264—Enable SIP Hold per RFC 3264. Must be set to true.
In the TServer section of your SIP Switch Extension DN objects (Agent):
  • dual-dialog-enabled—Disable Dual Dialog Mode. Must be set to false.
  • refer-enabled—Disable REFER support. Must be set to false.
  • sip-cti-control—Must have an empty value only.
Create a TRUNK DN for MCU in your SIP Switch. In the TServer section of Trunk DN:
  • contact—Must be set to sip:<mcu-address>:5060.

SIP Endpoint Configuration

Component Specific/Preferred Configuration
CounterPath Bria
  • Enable H264
  • Enable VP8
  • Enable G.711
  • Disable Opus
Workspace SIP EP
  • Enable H264
  • Enable VP8
  • Enable G.711
  • Disable Opus
  • Also make sure, in the interaction-workspace section, to set sipendpoint.policy.session.auto_accept_video = 1

Next Steps

Prepare the server.

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