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Installing and Deploying Genesys Video Gateway

Genesys Video Gateway runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and CentOS 6.x 64-bit. This deployment guide assume that all of the components (except the TURN Server) will be installed on the same server or image. If you want to set up an MCU or a farm of MCUs on different servers to where the Application Server has been installed, see External MCU Configuration.

Genesys Video Gateway offers the following core Installation Packages (IPs):

  • Collaboration Common (This is no separate component, and performs some pre-requisites including installation of third-party software.)
  • Collaboration Notification Server
  • Collaboration Application Server
  • Collaboration MCU
  • Collaboration TURN Server (You can use this TURN server, which is provided by Genesys, or you can use your own TURN server.)

NOTE: As part of the installation:

  • New folders are created under “/” – described later as part of base preparation
  • The main installation folder is created and populated - /opt/zenon
  • Also, /home/saypage and /home/zenon_maint folders get created

Installing Genesys Video Gateway is a process that consists of the following tasks:

  1. Setting up your environment with the recommended hardware.
  2. Preparing the server.
  3. Installing default configurations.
  4. Configuring and customizing the platform.
  5. Configuring your TURN server, or installing and configuring the Genesys TURN server.
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