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Configuration Files

The table below shows a full list of all the files used on the platform that can affect changes across a whole server (service-level changes):

Configuration File Location Purpose
infotypes_saypage.xml /opt/zenon/public_html/WEB-INF To set service level parameters for both AS and MCU
zs.properties /opt/zenon/zenonserver To set parameters for the NS
saypage_2130.cfg /opt/zenon/share/config/saypage To set the ports for the MCU
zenoncdsrv.ini /opt/zenon/rtmfpcd To set the parameters for the Flash Server (RTMFP)
democonfig.cfg /opt/zenon/zenonserver/AVFlashServices/AVFRW To set parameter for the Flash services
crossdomain.xml /opt/zenon/public_html Grants Flash player permission to talk with servers other than the host
snmp.properties /opt/zenon/share/config/snmp To set the SNMP Agent IP and port along with NMS IP address

The most important configuration file in terms of the number of changes it affects is the infotypes_saypage.xml file. Here, both AS and MCU configuration items are set at the service-level, which dictates the deployment behavior.

The AS configurations are set in the top <keyvalues> section of the file, while MCU configurations are set in the bottom <mcu_config> section.

The following link is useful for checking the value of a parameter: http://<as-domain>/it.jsp?it=[config_key]

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