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Deployment Types

Contact Center Deployment with all-in-one Machine

In a typical Contact Center deployment, Genesys servers are generally deployed behind an Enterprise firewall and are only able to access specific services from the Internet. Genesys Video Gateway is one of the services that need to be accessible from the Internet for HTTP/HTTPS and SRTP. Genesys Video Gateway can then send SIP/RTP toward the Enterprise network and is also able to bridge the media.

In this type of deployment, Genesys Video Gateway must be deployed in the DMZ so that the component can handle inbound signaling and media traffic. In the simplest case, all of the core components of Genesys Video Gateway should be deployed in one machine, and the TURN server deployed in another machine (both in DMZ).

An example below shows:

  • AS and MCU (and others) on the same server
  • 2 different services
  • 2 servers each running the same software but different configuration on each
  • Both using the same TURN and other Genesys services


Distributed Architecture

In a distributed architecture:

  • AS and MCU(s) are on different servers
  • F5 routing requests to active-standby AS pair
  • Using the same TURN service
  • AS, MCU and TURN should still be in DMZ


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