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[+] Social Messaging Management

Social Messaging Management Product Alerts

  • As of November 10, 2017, the 8.5.405.19 release is no longer available. If you have already downloaded this release, please follow these instructions:
    1. Locate the uninstaller for version 8.5.405.19
    2. Run the uninstaller executable for version 8.5.405.19
    3. After the uninstall process is completed successfully, proceed to install the next version 8.5.405.20
  • The procedure for creating a Facebook application changed on 05/01/14. See the description in the Social Media Solution Guide.
  • Social Media Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5.0x supports Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5.1x and above. Versions lower than 8.5.1x are not supported.
  • The following items apply to Social Messaging Management 8.5.1:
    • In the sample Business Processes for Facebook, interactions whose content was created by an administrator are stopped in the Facebook Agent Delivery strategy and are not delivered to the agent.
    • To show interaction history, Genesys Driver for use with Facebook must have either its x-submit-internal-itx option (channel section) or its submit-internal-itx option (monitor section) set to true.
    • Social Messaging Management 8.5.1 requires
      • Universal Routing Server 8.1.4
      • Interaction Routing Designer 8.1.4
      • Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5.1x
    • In the sample Business Processes for Facebook, interactions routed to Facebook Inbound Buffer Strategy and Facebook Inbound Buffer Strategy-iWD end up in the Serious Error Queue or Serious Error Queue-iWD. As a workaround, replace Received_At with received_at under the Order tab of the Find Interaction object in the interactions routed to Facebook Inbound Buffer Strategy and Facebook Inbound Buffer Strategy-iWD. This issue (ESR-9358) occurs with Interaction Server only.

Link to 8.1 Product Release Advisory

New in Social Messaging Management 8.5.x Releases

[+] New in Release 8.5.2
[+] New in Release 8.5.4
[+] New in Release 8.5.3
[+] New in Release 8.5.1
[+] New in Release 8.5.0

Legal Terms for Social Engagement 8.5.2



The release of Genesys Social Engagement version 8.5.2 (“Product”) introduces some significant changes over earlier versions of the product. For details regarding these changes, please see this link.

Prior to deploying (or upgrading) and using the Product (and subsequent versions) you agree to review the remainder of this document, after which you will select the click-to-accept option to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, in whole or in part, you will reject the Terms and refrain from deploying or otherwise using such version of the product. If you are deploying (or upgrading) the product on behalf of an organization or entity (“Customer”), then you are agreeing to these Terms on behalf of that Customer and you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind the Customer to these Terms. In that case, “you” and “your” refers to you and that Customer

Social Engagement Channels

Channels in the Product are used to source and dispatch data to and from Twitter and Facebook and potentially other Social Networks (“Social Media Providers”). You, or authorized persons working with the Customer may setup channels for the purposes of enabling engagement around Customer’s business on Social Media. Customers will not setup channels for the purpose of monitoring competitors branded social networking pages or for uses outside of the need to engage and manage conversations regarding their business on Social Media.

The Customer’s usage of Social Media will be bound by the Social Media Providers: Rules, and Terms of Service, that may be found on Social Media Providers branded web pages. Notwithstanding any term in the Agreement to the contrary, Genesys reserves the right to suspend the Product, or portion thereof, or reject or cancel the transmission of any information through the Product based upon (i) reasonable belief that the use of the Product is in violation of applicable laws or Social Media Providers Terms of Service (ii) Customer’s use unreasonably burdening the platform running the Product (e.g., use of broad search criteria) or (iii) an imminent compromise to the security or integrity of the platform running the Product. As practicable depending on the circumstances, Genesys will provide written notice of the suspension and keep Customer reasonably informed of Genesys’ efforts to restore the Customer’s use of the Product.

Customer Interactions Stored in the Genesys Data Center

In order to facilitate the use of the analytics component of the Product, Genesys will store a copy of the customer’s inbound and outbound Twitter and Facebook posts, comments, and messages (“Customer Interactions”) in a Genesys-managed software-as-a-service environment/data center, for approximately 3 months, after which the data will be deleted from the Genesys-managed software-as-a-service environment/data center. Customer will not use the Product to receive or transmit sensitive data, including but not limited to personal health information, personally identifiable information, passwords and sensitive account access information, and credit card information. Provided that Customer is fully compliant with the limitations in this Agreement, Genesys shall maintain reasonable, appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for protection of the security, confidentiality and integrity of Customer Interactions while such interactions are stored with the Genesys-managed software-as-a-service environment/data center center

As between Genesys and Customer, the Customer Interactions are the proprietary material of Customer and shall be considered Customer’s Confidential Information. Customer grants Genesys a non-exclusive, non-sublicenseable (except to parties working on Genesys' behalf), non-transferable, royalty-free license to access, process, store, transmit, and otherwise make use of the Customer Interactions as directed by Customer or as necessary to provide the Product capabilities and to otherwise fulfill its obligations under and in accordance with the Agreement.

Data Limits

Genesys does not limit the number of outbound Customer Interactions that are issued in direct response to inbound Customer Interactions. Customers are permitted to source up to 200,000 inbound Customer Interactions per month. Inbound Customer Interactions may include tweets that mention the company’s handle or tweets that mention keywords, or Twitter Direct Messages, or any posts or comments from the customer’s Facebook page, or Facebook Private Messages, or other Social Media Providers. Volumes in excess of 200,000 inbound Customer Interactions per month will be subject to additional fees and terms.

Genesys does not limit the number of outbound Customer Interactions that are issued in direct response to inbound Customer Interactions.

Service Availability Support and Warranties

Service level targets as set out in the ENCODED_CONTENT OTAzMTICjxhIGhyZWY9Imh0dHBzOi8vZ2VuZXN5cy5teS5zYWxlc2ZvcmNlLmNvbS9zZmMvcC8lMjNVMDAwMDAwMEtNMUcvYS9VMDAwMDAwMDhnNUUvTjM4VTNMVG43UWU0SVRoamFKLkY0M3RKdktMdXV6bzlZTW0uVnJaMlRXVSIgdGFyZ2V0PSJfYmxhbmsiIGNsYXNzPSJleHRlcm5hbCB0ZXh0IiByZWw9Im5vZm9sbG93Ij5TdXBwb3J0IEd1aWRlIGZvciBPbi1QcmVtaXNlcyBMaWNlbnNlczwvYT4= END_ENCODED_CONTENT shall come into effect following acknowledged receipt of All Relevant Information being supplied by Customer to Genesys for the Product.

Maintenance must be purchased with new and continued use of the Product. The analytics component of the Product is facilitated by the Genesys-managed software-as-a-service environment/data center. Use of analytics component of the Product is only available for those customers that purchase and continuously maintain Maintenance. Lapse in maintenance coverage terminates any usage right of the analytics component of the Product. Customers that discontinue Maintenance may build custom interfaces to Social Media Providers using sample code accessible to experienced developers via the Genesys documentation website (or upon request) to facilitate continued use of the engagement capability of the Product.

Customer acknowledges that the Product is dependent on access to various third party services (including, but not limited to, Twitter and Facebook) and you agree that Genesys is not responsible for the non-availability, delays, failures or interruption affecting the Service or the performance of the Service caused by any such third party services or errors or bugs in software, hardware or the Internet on which the Service relies. You acknowledge that we do not control such third party services and such errors or bugs are inherent in the use of such software, hardware and the Internet.



Do you accept these terms?

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[+] Social Messaging Management

What’s New in Genesys Social Engagement for 9.0

Genesys Social Engagement is delivered using the Social Messaging Management product CD.

April 12, 2019

Social Media Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition

  • Agents can now see an animated preview of attachments such as MP4 videos and GIF files within the WDE interaction window. This feature is supported for attachments that are received through Facebook posts and private messages.
  • Agents can now hide or unhide a root post on the brand’s Facebook page by clicking Hide Post or Unhide Post in the interaction window. A hidden post is not visible to the visitors of the page.
  • Agents can now select a Twitter handle through which their replies are sent to Twitter users. The default Twitter handle can be configured in the Hub channel configuration page for Twitter.
  • The plugin can now be deployed using the ClickOnce Deployment package of WDE. The Social Media Plug-in option is added to the Workspace Desktop Edition Deployment Manager for users to deploy the plugin using the ClickOnce Deployment mode.
  • The plugin no longer counts an initiated outbound interaction towards a capacity rule when handling concurrent Facebook or Twitter interactions with capacity rule setup.

Cloud API Driver for Facebook

  • Inbound media attachments in Facebook private messages, public posts, and public comments are now saved in the Universal Contact Server (UCS) database.

Cloud API Driver for Twitter

  • Inbound media attachments in Twitter direct messages and public Tweets are now saved in the Universal Contact Server (UCS) database.

March 29, 2019


  • Genesys Hub now supports WhatsApp channel configuration. For more information on setting up a WhatsApp channel in Hub, see Creating a WhatsApp Channel.
  • Twitter account handles are highlighted in the Twitter: Service channel configuration.
  • Hub UI is reworked to improve usability by rearranging existing features and adding more features.

December 18, 2018

Social Media Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition

  • The Social Media Plugin for WDE now adds a title to attachments in the Facebook comments interactions when the attachments arrive without one.
  • The Social_plugin_Workspace_Desktop_Edition_851.xml now contains descriptions of the options used by the Social Media Plugin for WDE.
  • Agents can now see an indicator, Delayed, in the alert messages that are received with a delay.
  • Users can now assign shortcuts to Delete, Transfer, and Move to Workbin options in WDE for Facebook, Facebooksession, and Twitter interactions.

July 10, 2018

If you are planning to upgrade to Digital Messaging Server, you must update Genesys Cloud API Driver for Facebook to, Genesys Cloud API Driver for Twitter to, and Social Media Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition to If you are using older versions of Digital Messaging Server or Social Messaging Server, it is optional to update to the latest drivers and plugin.
  • Genesys Cloud API Driver for Twitter is updated to use an improved logging system.

May 25, 2018


  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is redacted automatically for all private and public interactions after 28 days.
  • Users can specify the number of days after which Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is redacted. A new field, Days data will be kept in Genesys cloud, is added to the Update Channel screen.

April 27, 2018


  • The Apple Business Chat Connector now supports Rich Links in outbound messages. Users can now see a preview of the links instead of the Tap to load Preview message.

March 30, 2018


  • A landing page is added in Hub for Apple Business Chat customers who are redirected from Apple after registering and choosing Genesys as their Customer Service Provider. Users are then taken through the process of registering with Hub and setting up their ABC channel.
  • A new parameter, auto_close, is added to automatically close the UI after a successful callback when logging into Facebook.

March 27, 2018


  • Hub now supports Facebook reactions and the reactions count. Agents can now see the number of reactions for each post or comment in Facebook at the time of interaction.
  • Users can now create a distribution list and send an email to the list of recipients when switching a channel to Production mode. The email recipients will also receive status updates pertaining to the channel.

Social Media Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition

  • The plugin now supports a maximum of 280 characters per tweet in compliance with the latest Twitter character encoding.
  • The plugin now excludes @mention from the 280-character count in the agent's outbound tweets.
  • A tooltip label is now added to the Direct Message button in WDE to enable visually impaired agents using screen readers to recognize the button correctly.

March 19, 2018


  • The Apple Business Chat Connector now supports the retry function for messages that are not delivered to agents.
  • An API endpoint is now added in Hub for Twitter that enables an API client to authenticate and create Twitter channels without using the Hub user interface.
  • An API endpoint is now added in Hub for Twitter that enables an API client to retrieve Twitter posts using their IDs. The maximum of 100 IDs can be processed at a time. Hub retrieves posts from its database, but if the posts are not available in the database, Hub retrieves them by using the Twitter API directly.

February 21, 2018


  • The Facebook Connector now fetches comments made to the galleries or individual photos in galleries of a business’s Facebook page and delivers them to agents. As customers can either comment on the entire gallery or on a specific photo in a gallery, the Connector ensures that the agents replies are delivered to the original comment correctly.
  • Hub now supports Apply Pay through Apple Business Chat messaging service. Apply Pay enables a business’s customers to make payments to the business from their Apple devices.

December 22, 2017


  • The System Status tab now displays an overview of the status for Genesys Hub. Users can view a summary of the number of ongoing/closed Genesys Hub issues, the number of Genesys Hub downtime events, and the percentage of uptime in Genesys Hub for the last 90 days. The uptime percentage is displayed to two decimal places. Although the status of ongoing third-party issues (Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging services) is displayed, the display of third-party issues in the running log of changes ceases 7 days after they have been closed. Third-party issues do not count against open/closed issues, downtime events, and percentage of uptime.
  • The System Status tab now displays a banner at the bottom to notify users about urgent or important upcoming events, such as a planned maintenance or the upcoming move to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The banner can include a link to download a PDF that has more information including, if needed, instructions for the users on preparing for the change.
  • Support for the upcoming Apple Business Chat messaging channel:
    • Hub now supports the upcoming Apple Business Chat (ABC) messaging service. Once Apple has launched the Apple Business Chat service and a brand has been approved by Apple for use of the service, users can configure the messaging service for ABC and create the associated ABC accounts/channels in Hub.
    • The running log of changes in the System Status tab now also includes status changes of Apple Business Chat connector. A new filter, ABC only, is now available for users to view only the ABC-related status updates in the History Logs section.
    • Hub now supports ABC List Picker and Time Picker APIs. An agent can use the List Picker to enable their business customers to select one or more items from a list that the agent sends. Similarly, an agent can use the Time Picker to enable their business customers to select an available time slot when scheduling a meeting or appointment.
    • Hub now supports Queue history window, Queue Notifications, and Backlog (minutes) settings for ABC channels.
    • A new field, RPC cache timeout, has been added to the ABC channel settings. This field allows you to set a timeout for caching messages that agents might send repeatedly over a period of time. You can enter a value ranging from 0 to 3600 seconds in this field. For example, if you enter 3600 (3600 seconds or one hour) in this field and the driver sends the same message repeatedly, Hub will not forward the message from the agent more than once an hour. Value 0 disables the timeout.
    • Users can now activate or suspend ABC channels. Inbound messages are fetched and outbound messages are sent as long as the service channel is active.
  • Users can now view and copy the business URL and ID from their channels.
  • Users can now run multiple consumer processes with multiple Kafka partitions. Twitter producers and consumers can get /status and /health endpoints that are served at the address configured by the http_control_panel configuration parameter.
  • Facebook Connector's logging mechanism has been improved to record more issues than before.

Social Media Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition

  • The plugin now supports all WDE themes for Persistent Agent Chat. Previously, the plugin supported only the default theme.
  • The plugin now includes a new option, socialmedia-tls-enabled, that allows users to enable or disable TLS encryption in their environment. Users can enable the TLS encryption by setting the option as socialmedia-tls-enabled = true. The default value is false.

Genesys Social Engagement

Genesys Social Engagement is part of the PureEngage Digital (eServices) platform. It monitors Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, gathers customer concerns and questions that are directed to a defined business profile, and converts them into Genesys interactions.

Important! Genesys Social Engagement 8.5.1 and earlier entered End of Life (EOL) on July 29, 2016, and reached End of Support (EOS) on October 12, 2018. If you have questions, contact your account representative.

What's New

All 9.0 products 9.0 Genesys Social Engagement Release Notes
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Genesys Social Engagement

Business Process for Use with Facebook

Business Process for Use with Twitter

Genesys Cloud API Driver for Facebook

Genesys Cloud API Driver for Twitter

Social Media Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition


Social Media Solution Guide

Learn how to use Genesys Social Engagement.

Configuration Options

Find the latest information on configuration options for selected eServices components:

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