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Creating the Rules Repository Database

This procedure creates the database that will be used as the Rules Repository.

Most database distributions include the JDBC connector that is needed; if this is not the case, you must download it from the vendor’s site. Genesys does not provide the JDBC connector. Genesys Rules System 8.1 can use either Java 6 or 7.


  1. Create a new database. The database will be populated by the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool.
  2. Create a database user. This user must have full access, including CREATE and INDEX.
  3. Test the connector according to the database vendor’s installation instructions to ensure that it can connect to the configured database.
  4. (For all databases) Copy the JDBC connector to the application server common library directory (for example, <Tomcat installation directory\Lib>). The installation script prompts for the correct information.


Changes in 8.1.3

Because the 8.1.3 repository is not compatible with earlier versions of the repository, you must create a new repository database as part of the GRAT 8.1.3 installation process. Please refer to Migration to 8.1.3.

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