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GMS Alarms

The following alarms can be raised by Genesys Mobile Services based on system status/configuration:

  • Resources Configuration Alarm (EventId 2000): This alarm is raised by GMS when the server detects a problem on resources configuration (Duplicated DN on same/different Groups)
  • No more resources Alarm (EventId 2001): This alarm is raised by GMS when no more resources are available in GMS (LOCAL or CLUSTER strategy).
  • web_port option Alarm (EventId 2002): This alarm is raised by GMS when at startup, a GMS is not available on web_port.
  • NO_JDK Alarm (EventId 2003): This alarm is raised when GMS is not started using a JDK (used to compile DFM files). (Introduced in

To create Alarms, refer to Creating the SCS Alarm Conditions.

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