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The following table lists additional configurations that can be used with your GMS installation.

Page Summary
Configuring an External Cassandra Provides configuration steps in order to use external Cassandra instances in your GMS deployment.
Load Balancer Configuration Examples Recommendations for load balancing.
Configuring a GMS Service for ORS Load Balancing Describes how to set up a GMS Service for ORS Load Balancing.
Configuring and Starting a GMS Cluster Describes the process for initializing a GMS cluster.
ORS Cookie Support Provides information about the cookie-based management that GMS supports.
Mobile Push Notifications Details configuration for push notification service.
Custom Reporting Basic configuration for Real-Time and Historical Reporting based on T-Server's UserEvent mechanism.
Impementing ADDP Discusses the Advanced Disconnect Detection Protocol (ADDP) protocol.
Impementing IPv6 Provides information about Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Starting and Stopping GMS Instructions to start and stop GMS, and configure a delay for a graceful shutdown.
GMS Alarms Describes alarms that can be raised by GMS based on system status/configuration.
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