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Genesys Mobile Services API Reference

Genesys Mobile Services contains multiple APIs, each dedicated to performing certain tasks as described below. Select the API name for a more detailed examination of the operations and responses they use.

  • Storage API — Storage is a general purpose API that allows users to temporarily store arbitrary data. Data may consist of key/value pairs of strings or binary objects.
  • Node API — This is a base ping API implementation which will be used by load balancers to determine the health of a given GMS node to determine if it can use this GMS node when it load balancing API requests across the set of GMS nodes.
  • Notification API — This set of event-driven APIs is used to manage notifications between applications and Genesys systems. Users subscribe to an event and provide an indication of how the notification should be delivered, then events are published to the system.
    Note: This API is only intended to be used with Orchestration Server-based Services, not from external mobile applications.
  • Chat API — This API is used by customer facing applications to create and manage a chat session associated with a a contact center related services. A single service is associated with a single chat.
  • Service API — This API is used by customer facing applications to manage different type of contact center related services.
  • Callback Services API — This API handles call back services, such as initiating, canceling, rescheduling, and queries.
  • Stat Service API — This API is used to interact with the Genesys Statistics Server (Stat Server) or Universal Routing Server (URS). The API provides the request so an application can get statistics related to the Contact Center.

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