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Audio Resource Management

Genesys Administrator Extension provides an interface for Audio Resource Management. This enables you to manage audio resources for both announcements and music files. This module also enables the conversion of audio files (.wav using PCM encoding), and the deployment of audio files to Media Servers throughout the network.

Audio Resource Management supports only WAV files that use PCM encoding. If you use non-PCM encoded files, there might be conversion artifacts, or the conversion might fail completely.

You can create Personalities to help you organize which files belong to a particular speaker. For example, you might have a personality called John that uses dialog spoken in English by a male speaker. Or, you might have a personality called Marie that uses dialog spoken in French by a female speaker.

You can upload two types of audio resources:

  • Announcements—These are files that contain spoken dialog that will be played for customers. For example, you might have an announcement file that tells customers about your business hours.
  • Music—These are files that play music for customers. For example, you might have a music file that plays music for customers who are about to be transferred to an Agent.

The Audio Resources window in Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) is a unified list of your personalities and audio resources. For each audio resource, GAX displays the following:

  • A logo to indicate whether the file has been designated as Announcement or Music.
  • The name of the audio resource.
  • The Audio Resource ID (ARID).
  • Additional columns, one for each personality, to indicate which personality is using this audio resource.
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