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Configuring ADDP Connections

The Advanced Disconnection Detection Protocol (ADDP) is a Genesys proprietary add-on to the TCP/IP stack. It implements a periodic poll when no actual activity occurs over a given connection. If a configurable timeout expires without a response from the opposite process, the connection is considered lost.

Genesys recommends enabling ADDP on the links between any pair of Genesys components. ADDP helps detect a connection failure on both the client and the server side. For most connections, enabling detection on the client side only is sufficient and it reduces network traffic. However, Genesys strongly recommends that you use detection on both sides for all connections between Configuration Server and its clients (including Solution Control Interface), as well as between any two T-Servers.

Refer to the Framework Deployment Guide for more information on ADDP.

Using ADDP with GAX

Genesys Administrator Extension supports ADDP connections to the following components:

  • Configuration Server (ADDP always enabled)
  • Message Server (ADDP enabled optionally through connection parameters)

At startup, GAX initiates a connection to Configuration Server with ADDP enabled using the following default values:

  • Local Timeout: 20
  • Remote Timeout: 20
  • Trace: On

After establishing the connection, GAX reads the ADDP parameters specified in the connection to Configuration Server, and if configured, the timeouts are reset dynamically based on the configured values (no re-connection is needed).

The ADDP parameters for Message Server are read from Configuration Server before the connection to Message Server is initialized. ADDP is not enabled on the connection to Message Server if configuration values are not defined.

Refer to the Genesys Administrator Extension Help for more information on configuring ADDP connections.

  • The timeout values are adjusted based on the workload experienced by components with ADDP enabled. You can increase the timeout if the components are heavily loaded.
  • You must restart GAX when an ADDP connection is severed. Restart GAX to re-establish the connection.
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