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Change History

This section lists all the changes between the 8.1.4 and 8.5.0 versions of this document.

New Pages

Deleted Pages

The following pages were moved to the Prerequisites for Genesys Administrator Extension Modules page.

The following pages were moved to the Configuring System Security page.

The following pages were moved to the Upgrading GAX page.

Updated Pages

Page Configuration Object Management

  • The Configuration Manager and Agents Window sections were added. The section Account Management was removed, as this described the Accounts menu in GAX, which was removed in the 8.5.0 version.

Page Deployment

Page Deploying Genesys Administrator Extension

  • Updated sections
    • Set up the host
      • Added the following variable for the Linux /etc/profile file: export PATH = $PATH: /usr/lib/java/jre-<version of Java downloaded>/jre/bin
      • Added the following value for the Windows Path variable: C:\Programs\Java\jre1.6.0_23\bin

Page Managing GAX Plugins

Page Upgrading GAX

  • Updated procedures for GAX 8.5.0.

Page Logging In To Genesys Administrator from GAX

  • Deleted sections
    • Corporate Login to Genesys Administrator and GAX

Page Preferences

Page Browser Issues

Page General (Role Privileges)

  • Added role privileges for dashboards.

Page Configuration Object Management (Role Privileges)

  • Page has been divided into sections for easier reading.
  • Added the following role privileges:
    • Access Configmanager
    • Access to the Application Log Configuration Wizard
    • Access Hosts Checkports
  • Added System Dashboard section.

Page General (Configuration Options)

Page Audio Resource Management (Configuration Options)

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