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Logging In to Genesys Administrator from GAX

You can access Genesys Administrator from GAX by using the gax-ga plug-in that is part of the core plug-ins that are installed when you install GAX. Your role, and the credentials that you use to log in to GAX, must enable you to access Genesys Administrator.

Login to Genesys Administrator occurs during your login to GAX (refer to Logging in to Genesys Administrator Extension). If you are using Internet Explorer 8 to log in to GAX, Genesys Administrator also opens in a new window.

When you enter your GAX login credentials and click Log in, the following process is started:

  1. The Log In button becomes disabled.
  2. A progress indicator is displayed.
  3. The credentials and role that enable you to log in to GAX and Genesys Administrator are verified by GAX.
  4. The GAX interface is displayed.
  5. If you are permitted to use Genesys Administrator, a menu that enables you to link to Genesys Administrator is displayed.
  6. If you click the Genesys Administrator menu, you can select one of the following views in Genesys Administrator:
    • MONITORING > Environment > Dashboard
    • PROVISIONING > Environment > Applications > New Application
    • DEPLOYMENT > Repository > Installation Packages
    • OPERATIONS > Outbound Contact > Dialing Sessions

    Genesys Administrator is launched in a new browser tab or window. The content that is displayed depends on your privileges and access.

  7. If you log out of Genesys Administrator, you can continue to use GAX. If you log out of GAX, you are also logged out of Genesys Administrator.
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