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Outbound routing

Your Business Edition Premise system comes pre-configured for outbound routing, with default values for:

  • Voice target
  • Voice target timeout

Administrators can perform many routing tasks without prior knowledge of Genesys software. To learn more about outbound routing, see Outbound routing.

How Business Edition Premise uses GAX parameter groups

All routing tasks use Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) parameter groups. The outbound routing parameter group is associated with a template. Your provider will specify the role of each parameter group they supply, but generally:

  • Outbound parameter group enables you to specify the agent group to which the calls are routed, the timeout before routing to the overflow target, and the overflow voice target.

To learn more about parameters and parameter groups, click help in the upper-right corner of the GAX window.

Routing tasks

To perform any of the following tasks, open GAX by going to http://<ui VM or IP address>:8080/gax

Go to Routing Parameters > Parameter groups, select the appropriate parameter group, and complete the task.

To use Internet Explorer 10 to access Genesys Administrator Extension, you must add the following to the IE Trusted Sites:

  • http://your ui VM domain
  • about:blank

Outbound Parameter Group

Parameter Values (default in bold) Mandatory? Description
Voice Target TestAgentGroup, agent group Yes The agent group to which the call is routed.
Voice Target Timeout 2, integer between 1 and 99999 Yes The timeout (in seconds) after which the call is routed to the overflow target.
Overflow Voice Target (none) No The number to which the call is routed if no target is specified or if the target timeout is exceeded.
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