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Email routing

Your Business Edition Premise system comes pre-configured with the tools and data needed to route emails to your agents and send replies, typically including:

  • Screening rules
  • Acknowledgement emails

Administrators can perform many email routing tasks without prior knowledge of Genesys software. To learn more about email routing, see Email routing overview.

How Business Edition Premise uses GAX parameter groups

All of the routing tasks use Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) parameter groups. Each email routing parameter group is associated with one of four group templates. Your provider will specify the role of each parameter group they supply, but generally:

  • Email Initial Parameters parameter groups enable screening and specify a supervisor agent group, a DoNotReply address, and a virtual queue for reporting.
  • Email Calendar parameter groups set open hours and special days.
  • Email Acknowledgement parameter groups supply content for the automated acknowledgement emails.
  • Email Category parameter groups handle email distribution, including target agent groups, supervisor review, and priority tuning.

To learn more about parameters and parameter groups, click help in the upper-right corner of the GAX window.

Routing tasks

To perform any of the following tasks, open GAX by going to http://<ui VM name or IP address>:8080/gax

Go to Routing Parameters > Parameter groups, select the appropriate parameter group, and complete the task.

To use Internet Explorer 10 to access Genesys Administrator Extension, you must add the following to the IE Trusted Sites:

  • http://your ui VM domain
  • about:blank

<tabber> Initial parameters=

Initial parameters

Enable or disable screening

By default, the application screens email subject lines for key terms, and routes the emails to the agent group specified in the corresponding Category parameter group. Ask your provider for a list of the Category parameter groups and the key terms associated with each.

To enable screening, ensure that Email screening is set to True.

Set a supervisor agent group

To select an agent group to act as supervisors for the contact center, set Email supervisor agent group to one of the listed agent groups.

Set a DoNotReply email address

To set an email address (typically DoNotReply@company_name) used in sending email responses to customers, change the value in Email from.

Change the default virtual queue

If your provider has set up multiple virtual queues for email, you can switch from one to another by selecting a new value for Email default virtual queue.

|-| Hours=


Change open hours or set special days

Use the parameter Email open hours to set the standard hours that your office is open and responding to emails.

Use the Email special day parameter to set:

  • The dates or days of the week on which your office is closed for the entire day.
  • The dates or days of the week on which your office is closed for only part of the day. In these cases, you use the Time Ranges field in GAX to set the hours that you will be open on that date.

Specific dates set in Email open hours are treated as special days. Hours set for the same date or day of the week in Email special day override those set in Email open hours; for example, if Email open hours specifies that you are open from 9AM to noon on December 31, and Email special day sets the hours of 11AM-2PM for the same date, people who send an email at 10AM on that date receive the special day acknowledgement. Similarly, in both parameters, date patterns higher in the list take precedence over those lower in the list.

In Email open hours, select a day of the week or a date. Important: To specify open hours on specific dates, you must place the date above all day-of-week entries.

In Email special day, add or select a date. To close for the entire date, leave the Time Ranges field empty.

|-| Acknowledgement=


The acknowledgement parameters specify only the static part of the text for the acknowledgement emails. To create the complete email, the eServices Knowledge Manager application retrieves these parameter values and variable data such as the name of the customer and the open hours of the center.

Change any of these email text parameters:

Parameter Description Default text
Email acknowledgement opening The greeting to the customer at the beginning of the acknowledgement Dear Customer
Email acknowledgement body open hours The body text used for acknowledgements sent during regular hours Thank you for your email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Email acknowledgement body closed hours The body text used for acknowledgements sent during closed hours Thank you for your email. We are currently closed and will get back to you as soon as possible. Our office hours are:
Email acknowledgement body special days The body text used for acknowledgements sent during special days Thank you for your email. We are currently closed and will get back to you as soon as possible. Our office reopens on date at time.
Email acknowledgement time zone The time zone text that you want to include in your email acknowledgements (use free-form text such as "Central Time" or "GMT") [none]
Email acknowledgement closing The closing term to the customer at the end of the acknowledgement Regards

|-| Distribution=


Set a target agent group

Select the agent group that first receives all emails (Email target).

Select an overflow target agent group

Select the agent that receives all emails that exceed the overflow target timeout (Email overflow target).

Set a target timeout

Set the length of time (in seconds) that an email can go unattended before being passed to the overflow agent group. The default is 3600 seconds (one hour).

Set an overflow target timeout

Set the length of time (in seconds) that an email can go unattended before being passed to the first available agent group (either target or overflow). The default is 86400 seconds (one day).

Enable supervisor review

To enable a supervisor in the supervisor agent group to review emails prior to agent response, set Email supervisor review to True.

Set supervisor review percentage

To set the percentage of emails to be routed to a supervisor for review, set Email supervisor review percentage to a value between 0 and 100. A value of 50 means that a supervisor will review half of the emails that are routed to this Category parameter group.

Set email priority

You can adjust the priority of emails using the two priority tuning parameters:

  • Email priority sets the initial email priority; you typically have little reason to change the default of 100.
  • Email overflow priority sets the priority of emails that exceed the Email target timeout. The default value is also 100, which means that emails that have already passed the overflow timeout will be re-queued based solely on their age, ensuring that the oldest emails will appear in the queue first.

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