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When downloading content, you may encounter issues that are easily resolved. If these tips don't help, please Contact Us, and we will try to send you the file directly.

Downloading Help files

Save the Help file to your local hard drive, and uncompress (extract) it to an empty folder. To open the Help file, open the folder into which the .zip file was extracted, then do one of the following:

  • If there is only one file in the folder, click that file.
  • If there is more than one file in the folder, click the <name of compressed file>.htm file.
Viewing Help files

If, when you open the Help file, the contents do not display in the right window, consider the following:

  • Are you trying to open the file on a remote computer? If so, copy it to your local machine. Due to a Microsoft security update, you cannot properly view a HTML-based (CHM) Help if it is located on another machine on your network.
  • What is your permissions setting? Right-click the file, select Properties from the context menu, look for an Unblock button, and click it.


Use Genesys Administrator (GA) to create and modify:

  • Users: including agents, administrators, and supervisors
    Important: In addition to the standard agent configuration, you must assign each agent to an access group.
  • Agent groups: assigned as targets in your voice and email parameter groups
    Important: In addition to the standard agent group configuration, you must assign each agent group to the BEP (Genesys One) voice agent group and, if you are using email, the email agent group.
  • Extensions: in GA, an extension is a type of DN (directory number) assigned to a communication device

See Provisioning Your Environment > Core Object Types in the Genesys Administrator 8.1 Help for more information about these features.

GA login

To log in to Genesys Administrator, open a browser to http://VM host name or IP address/wcm/ and enter these credentials:

  • User Name: default
  • Password: password
  • Application: default
  • Host Name: VM host name
  • Port: 8888

To use Internet Explorer 10 to access Genesys Administrator or Genesys Administrator Extension, you must add the following to the IE Trusted Sites:

  • http://VM domain
  • about:blank
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