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Chat routing application


The Business Edition Premise chat routing application delivers chat interactions to the AG_Voice_Sample Agent Group.

You cannot install chat as a standalone application. Chat can only be activated if you have first deployed, installed, and activated the email routing application.


The chat application sends acknowledgements to customers, informing them that:

  • They are queuing.
  • Their chat interaction has been delivered, along with the name of the receiving agent.

The AG_Voice_Sample Agent Group is a system-defined destination and cannot be changed. To configure a different destination for chat interactions, you must modify the chat strategy in Composer. For more information about configuring the chat strategy, refer to the Composer documentation.


This section describes how to activate, install, and deploy the chat routing strategy.

[+] Step 1. Activate the chat option

[+] Step 2. Install the chat solution definition

[+] Step 3. Deploy the chat strategy

[+] Step 4. Verify that chat is deployed successfully


There are no specific Business Edition Premise configuration requirements for chat. However, Genesys recommends that you configure automatic pruning of the Universal Contact Server (UCS) database to prevent it from growing too large in size.

Changes made to the UCS database maintenance settings will apply to all deployed media strategies (voice, email, chat, and outbound).

To configure automatic pruning of the UCS database, do the following:

  1. On the VM host, log in to Universal Contact Server Manager. (For multi-VM, use the ui VM.)
  2. Select the Scheduled task on Main DB tab.
  3. Configure the Main DB maintenance settings as desired.
  4. Click Save.

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