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eServices application


The Business Edition Premise eServices application allows you to install and configure the optional Email and Chat routing solutions.

You cannot install Chat as a standalone application. You can only install Chat if you have also installed and activated the Email routing application.

For more information about eServices, see the eServices documentation page.


The following steps describe how to deploy the eServices application. If you are not installing the Email or Chat options, you do not have to do these steps.

WATCH: To view a short demonstration of the eServices application deployment, click the Genesys icon below:

  1. In GAX, go to Configuration > Solution Definitions and select Genesys eServices Single Host Deployment.
  2. From the > menu next to the Delete button, select Install.
  3. Use the default values, except for the following:
    • Check or uncheck Activate chat-media support, depending on whether or not you want to activate chat.
    • DB Server for Interaction Server: DBServer_AUX
    • DB Server for Interaction Concentrator: DBServer_ICON
    • Database Administrator Name: sa
    • Database Administrator Password: G3n35y5!
    • Database User Name: genesys
    • Database User Password: Genesy$_0
    • Set the customer Email Server Client Address, Email Server Domain Name, and Email Server POP Client Login Password.

Next Steps: After eServices is installed, you can deploy the Business Edition Premise Email and Chat routing applications. For more information, see Email routing and Chat routing.

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