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Downloading Help files

Save the Help file to your local hard drive, and uncompress (extract) it to an empty folder. To open the Help file, open the folder into which the .zip file was extracted, then do one of the following:

  • If there is only one file in the folder, click that file.
  • If there is more than one file in the folder, click the <name of compressed file>.htm file.
Viewing Help files

If, when you open the Help file, the contents do not display in the right window, consider the following:

  • Are you trying to open the file on a remote computer? If so, copy it to your local machine. Due to a Microsoft security update, you cannot properly view a HTML-based (CHM) Help if it is located on another machine on your network.
  • What is your permissions setting? Right-click the file, select Properties from the context menu, look for an Unblock button, and click it.

Business Edition Premise Guide

The Business Edition Premise Guide documents the procedures needed to maintain and configure an existing Business Edition Premise environment.

Administrators perform four types of tasks:

If you are new to Genesys software…

Business Edition Premise enables you to use the Genesys Administrator Extension interface to set options (parameters) that tailor routing operations. Some of these options, such as declaring an emergency or changing open hours, are easily set even if you have no prior experience configuring Genesys software.

Other options, such as auto-attendant (IVR) menus and business targets, are tied to more complex features that must be synchronized with settings in other Genesys applications. We suggest that you rely on your Business Edition Premise provider to set up these features for you. They can then show you what options they have customized, such as business reporting categories (Service, Segment, and Department, for example) and announcements.

If you are a supervisor or agent...

This guide is primarily for contact center administrators, though your enterprise can grant anyone the ability to perform administrative tasks such as adding agents and setting open hours.

Agents and supervisors use Interaction Workspace to handle contact-center interactions, monitor contact-center and personal KPIs, and consult with colleagues. For instructions, see Interaction Workspace Help.

Supervisors also use two applications to view reports.

Pulse (also known as EZPulse) enables at-a-glance views of real-time contact center statistics. For instructions, see EZPulse Help 8.1.x.

Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2) provides historical reports that enable supervisors to fine-tune operations to improve productivity. For instructions, see Genesys Interactive Insights 8.1 Universe Guide.

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