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How to View Centralized Logs

With the Management Layer logging function, you can view the log records stored in Centralized Log Database, filter log records by their level, and search for records meeting the specified criteria. The log-viewing function requires the installation of:

  • One or more Message Servers that collect log events from applications
    For usability reasons, Genesys does not recommend that you configure multiple Message Servers for one Log Database, with each Message Server assigned to handle logs for different applications. To view logs processed by a particular Message Server and therefore generated by a given application, you still have to filter the logs based on the application that generated them.
  • One or more Log Databases
  • Genesys Administrator
Log filtering can be enabled and disabled for individual applications. Refer to the "Hide Selected Data in Logs" section in the Genesys Security Deployment Guide for more information.

For complete specifications of log events reported at the Alarm, Standard, Interaction, and Trace levels, see the Framework Combined Log Events Help.

Before you view Centralized Log records, make sure that:

  • Management Layer components are installed and running.
  • Centralized Logging is enabled.
  • You are logged in to Genesys Administrator.

Then follow these steps:

  1. In Genesys Administrator, do one of the following, as appropriate, to display a list of log records in the Details panel:
    • To view all log records stored in the Centralized Log Database, go to Monitoring > Environment > Centralized Log.
    • To view all log records for a specific Application object, go to Provisioning > Environment > Applications and select the Application.
    • To view all log records for all applications running on a specific Host object, go to Provisioning > Environment > Hosts and select the Host.
  2. To view an individual record or a subset of records, do one or both of the following:
    • Define one or more filtering criteria using the query builder fields above the list of log records.
    • Select a log record and, with one button, define a filter based on the value of certain fields in that record.

Refer to Genesys Administrator Help for more information about viewing contents of the Centralized Log Database.

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