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How to Configure Logging

The logging function requires the installation of:

  • One or more Message Servers that collect log events from applications.
  • One or more Log Databases, and one or more DB Servers, which connect Message Server with the DBMS in which you have set up the Log Database.

To configure logs, configure log options for a single application in Genesys Administrator on the Options tab of the respective Application object. For more information, refer to Genesys Administrator Help. The log options themselves are described in the “Common Configuration Options” section of the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

Log levels are defined in Logging Functions. Changing the log level of a running application does not interrupt solution operations. The exception to this rule is Configuration Server, as follows:

  • You must configure options for Configuration Server in its configuration files.
  • You must restart Configuration Server for the new values to take effect.
  • You cannot use the Log Wizard for Configuration Server.

For complete specifications of log events reported at the Alarm, Standard, Interaction, and Trace levels, see Framework Combined Log Events Help.

LCA Logging

Unlike with other server applications, you do not configure an Application object for LCA. However, you can change the default settings for common log options for LCA.

Starting in release 8.5, the LCA configuration file, called lca.cfg,is created automatically during installation of the IP, and stored in the same directory as the LCA executable file. Edit the file directly to specify new values for appropriate options. The configuration file contains only the log section.

You can also specify a custom name for the configuration file. To start LCA with a custom name use the following format:

executable_name port -c configuration_file_name

On UNIX, for example:
lca 7117 -c lca_custom.cfg

Where lca_custom.cfg is the user defined configuration file.

The LCA configuration file has the following format:

<log option name>=<log option value>
<log option name>=<log option value>

For more information about common log options and the LCA configuration file, refer to the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

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