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Starting and Stopping WFM

To maintain your Workforce Management (WFM) Servers, you can start and stop them by using Management Layer or start and stop them manually. When using Management Layer, you start WFM Server, WFM Builder, WFM Data Aggregator, and WFM Daemon from the Solution Control Interface (SCI).

You must start WFM Web, WFM Configuration Utility, and WFM Database Utility manually, even when you are using Management Layer.

When starting WFM, confirm that all servers are running before starting WFM Web, the WFM Configuration Utility, and the WFM Database Utility.

This topic includes procedures you can use to start and stop WFM Applications and components in the following sections:

Using Solution Control Interface

Use SCI to start and stop WFM by completing the procedures in this section.


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WFM Servers

There are several ways to start the WFM servers (WFM Server, WFM Builder, WFM Data Aggregator, and WFM Daemon). See the procedures in Starting WFM Servers

The servers are installed on Windows platforms as Windows Services, by default.

You can also stop the WFM servers in several ways, depending on whether you are using Management Layer and whether the servers are installed as Windows Services. See the procedures in Stopping WFM Servers.

If you terminate a server using the Windows Task Manager, you will lose all data on currently active interactions because Windows does not allow enough time for the servers to save the active data.

Starting WFM Servers


Stopping WFM Servers


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WFM Configuration Utility

Use the procedures in this section to start and stop WFM Configuration Utility.


WFM Database Utility

Use the procedures in this section to start and stop WFM Database Utility.



Use the procedures in this section to start and stop WFM Web.


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