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Deploying WFM

A successful Workforce Management (WFM) deployment requires more than installing and setting up the software. You must design effective strategies to use for translating corporate business rules into WFM objects and constraints. For this reason, it is important to understand key WFM concepts before configuring and using the application.

This topic introduces the WFM features and functions you must understand to effectively deploy this product in your enterprise, and provides procedures to help you install WFM and maintain it after it is up and running. It includes information about how to complete the following tasks:

Planning your deployment

Installing the WFM components

Starting and stopping WFM

Use the information in these sections to achieve an efficient, customized deployment.

This topic provides a conceptual overview of WFM objects and settings. For software and hardware prerequisites, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Manual, and the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide, both of which are available on the Genesys Customer Care web site.
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